New home or addition

The warmth of a fire makes a house a home

Without a fireplace, a room is just a room. But when you add the comfort, warmth and ambiance of a fire…your house truly becomes a home.

At The Kernel Burner, we believe every home deserves a fire to gather around, because every family deserves time to relax and enjoy a cozy space together.

Let us help you pick out the perfect fireplace or stove for your new build or addition. Don’t let your walls sit empty and cold…add a fire feature and love your new space!

Find the Perfect Fireplace

Fireplaces are the most traditional hearth product found in homes, and for good reason – they provide warmth and comfort in additional to looking beautiful inside the home.

Fireplaces come in many shapes, sizes, styles and fuel types. Fuel type refers to the fuel that is burned to produce heat. The most popular are wood and gas.

Shown: Heat & Glo 6000 Series Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces were introduced in the early 1990’s, and quickly became the indoor fireplace of choice for many homeowners and builders because of their ease of use and efficiency.

The most popular gas fireplace is the direct vent gas fireplace, which allows intake and emissions directly out of the home via a venting system. Gas fireplaces run on natural gas or propane.

Our best-selling gas fireplace brands are:

Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplaces continue to warm homes, especially those in rural locations where natural gas is not yet available.

Because of government regulations in 2020, wood-burning fireplaces are now more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. Most wood fireplaces also feature new technology to make controlling the temperature and burn times easy and more convenient.

Our best-selling wood fireplace brands are:

Shown: Quadra-Fire Expedition II Wood Fireplace

Find the Perfect Stove

Freestanding stoves provide a great heating source that also doubles as an interesting design feature, oftentimes becoming the focal point of a room in an addition, cabin or home.

Stoves come in many shapes, sizes, styles and fuel types. Fuel type refers to the fuel that is burned to produce heat. The most popular are pellet, wood and gas.

Shown: Harman36 Pellet Stove

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves provide clean, renewable energy that you can use on or off the grid to keep you warm. With long burn times and easy maintenance, pellet is an awesome choice for your new home, cabin or addition. Just fill the hopper and enjoy! We are proud to carry not only pellet stoves from top brands, but also our own line of Kernel Burner Pellets that provide the clean burn and convenience you desire. Our best-selling wood pellet stove brands are:

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves offer the crackle and burn of wood that many homeowners love, plus many models have cooking features that let your stove serve double duty.

Because of government regulations in 2020, wood-burning stoves are now more efficient and environmentally friendly than ever before. Most wood stoves also feature new technology to make controlling the temperature and burn times easy and more convenient.

Our best-selling wood stove brands are:

Shown: HearthStone Heritage Wood Stove

Shown: Vermont Castings Radiance Gas Stove

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves offer a beautiful, convenient, freestanding heat source that delivers warmth without the hassle of restocking fuel. Available with standing pilots to ensure heat even without electricity.

Our best-selling gas stove brands are:

We Partner with Builders & Remodelers

Our passion is to bring warmth to your home. The Kernel Burner is a family-owned business that puts our customers first and truly cares about their happiness with your new fireplace, stove or insert. Let us help make your house a home with a cozy new fire feature that brings the whole family together.

What our Customers are Saying

Based on 109 reviews
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo
Very knowledgeable. Prices are a bit high but the service and knowledge make up for it.
Cristina Spear
Cristina Spear
Jay was extremely helpful and explained to me all my options when I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed. He gave me the pros and cons and recommended what would be best for my family. Convenience and hassle was a big thing for me so he worked around that. I bought a beautiful pellet stove and I’m excited to use my sunroom all year around!
Bruce Thibodeau
Bruce Thibodeau
First let me say this. The whole staff was extremely friendly and willing to help. Second this was my first experience with a wood stove since I was a child and I never had to do anything with them back then so lets just say I was a new person with nearly no experience. We purchased a Kuma wood stove from the Kernal Burner. We had them do the professional install. This stove is unbelievable, we have a three season room at the back of our home that is all windows and has no furnace ducts in it. It has always been cold and uncomfortable in the winter. I would winterize it with plastic inside and out as well as bubble wrap and we would never be able to see out the windows it was miserable to be honest. The cost of propane and energy is skyrocketing and my wife and I are not getting younger. So we chose to buy a wood stove to try to save money as well as not have to spend a week every year on a ladder winterizing and then taking it all down again. Added to that is I have a medical condition and it aggravates and causes joint pain if I am cold. Since installation we have done nothing but keep a couple windows and the door open and I am comfortable in tshirts. The back room is over 70 and I could not be happier. This was one of the best experiences of the whole year in 2023 was dealing with The Kernal Burner and their people.
James Young
James Young
Could not ask for a more kind business to deal with! They help you through the whole process and make sure you’re not only taken care of but happy!!! What a great business and team!
Tim Wise
Tim Wise
Kernel Burner has the best pellets around. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Great business
Matthew “MR M” Murphy
Matthew “MR M” Murphy
They had wood pellets ready to be loaded and on the way home with me. The staff was very friendly. I like the showroom floor. I might have to go back and look at some or at least an upgrade for my place.
April Curry
April Curry
I felt so comfortable going in. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Allen was amazing super nice guy! And the lady at the desk I didn't get her name but such kind and sweet lady I'll forever buy my stoves from there here on out!
Roy Smith
Roy Smith
Very friendly very helpful
Kelly Shaw
Kelly Shaw
The best pellets around. I drive 1.45 hours to get them and pay for yearly service to my pellet stove.
Kari Randolph
Kari Randolph
I needed to replace the face of my fireplace. Allen was SO helpful! Due to the age he was unable to replace it, but helped me find a way to get new glass and the paint needed to make it fresh. He could have tried tell me I needed a new fireplace (which I probably would've believed), but showed honesty and integrity.

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