pellet grill promotion saginaw michigan

To celebrate our love of pellet grilling, we are offering two FREE 40-pound bags of wood grilling pellets when you purchase any Green Mountain Grill between April 1-30, 2022 from The Kernel Burner.

Unlike charcoal or propane, hardwood pellets bring true wood flavor to your food without harmful additives or chemicals. No more emptying out mounds of ash or swapping out tanks. You can have your friends over and get grilling!

Why We Love Green Mountain Grills

Grill technology has come a long way, and Green Mountain Pellet Grills lead the way in infusing technology with true grilling power. Here are some of the big reasons why we proudly sell Green Mountain Pellet Grills at The Kernel Burner

Green Mountain Grills give you complete control and unlimited possibilities

Stop in during April and pick out your new Green Mountain Grill. You’ll head home with two FREE 40-pound bags of grilling pellets to help you get grilling!